About Us

Nick's Portrait


I'm Nick Steinmetz, working as both the drone pilot and photographer. I'm responsible for taking pictures, toning, and printing them. I have five years experience photographing houses with a veriety of DJI drones. I have been flying drones for six years now from small hand-held drones to professional drones like the DJI Inspire 2. I am currently attending the University of Syracuse in the class of 2024 and am majoring in Information Management and Technology.

John's Portrait


Hi, I'm John Steinmetz, responsible for communications and sales. I have rung over 500 doorbells over the years while working on the Glen Ridge Photo History Project and have lots of experience working with homeowners. I also have experience working with local realtors organizing and facilitating drone shoots of real estate listings, public buildings, parties and other large outdoor events. Currently I’m attending Williams College (class of 2024) and am intending on a double major in Economics and Chinese.

aerial view of Nick and John

Our Story

Our interest in aerial photography began with helicopter and plane flights with our father, George Steinmetz, who is a freelance aerial photographer. In 2015, we started photographing homes around our neighborhood in Glen Ridge, NJ in collaboration with the Glen Ridge Historical Society. A copy of each picture we took was donated to the respective file in the historical archives. As of now, we have photographed over 400 houses, including major public buildings and schools.

We both have earned our license from the FAA to fly unmanned aircraft commerically. In 2019, we began working with Amy Owens Realty, taking pictures and making videos of local listing for marketing and social media. Both of us have experiencing photographing large events with outdoor venues, such as birthday parties and high school graduation ceremonies. Although our specialty is still photography, Nick has lots of experience with drone videography, mainly from being an assistant on various trips with his father.